The Story Behind Build A Menu ®

Here is the story from the founders of Build a Menu! 

The idea for Build A Menu first originated in early 2010 when Karee Blunt was searching the internet trying to find a meal planning service that would work for her family. Like many busy moms, she found getting dinner prepared each day was often stressful and was hoping to find a way to make menu planning and grocery shopping a little easier. After trying a few services, she realized that the menu service she was looking for wasn’t out there and the idea behind Build A Menu was born.

Karee enlisted her sister, Lisa Holcomb, as her business partner and together the two of them began researching, planning and brainstorming all the ways they could make their menu planning site the best on the market. Lisa Holcomb and Karee Blunt Owners 2010-2018


Fall 2018-2020, Build a Menu owners were Jason & Jami Balmet. Jami has been a long time fan of Build a Menu and has always loved all of the features and functions that allowed her to meal plan very easily with a busy household. They were excited to take this beautiful website and concept and bring some fresh new ideas to making meal planning easy (and affordable) for busy families.




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We have been subscribers of Build A Menu for over 6 years and in that time it has saved us so much time and money. We are always tight on money, so making a weekly menu and grocery list with prices next to each item is a must! When we met Lisa Medlin Holcomb in a local homeschool group, she told us about Build A Menu, and that it was a business her and her sister Karee Medlin Blunt started. It was exactly what we needed in our lives. We can create menus quickly and the shopping list already has the ingredient prices. We can make menus for a single meal or plan every meal for weeks ahead. Build a Menu archives all the menus we make, so we can reuse our favorite menus for freezer prep, parties, and when we take trips. We can even add our favorite recipes to the recipe keeper to use on the menus.

Lisa and Karee sold Build A Menu 3 years ago. Then, last year when the site became unusable, we reached out to the owner and offered to purchase the site to save it from being deleted. We of course had no idea the work it was going to take, or how long. After 8 months the site is finally back and we hope you join us in enjoying Build A Menu as much as we do.