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AmountMeasurementIngredientDescription (chopped, diced, etc.)StorePortion of Package UsedIngredient Packaging (bag, can, etc.)Estimated CostSubstitute ForMain Recipe Ingredient
1 3/4 cupwater
1/4 cupold fashioned oats
a pinchsea salt
1/4 cupalmond milk (unsweetened)
2 Tbscocoa powder extra dark
1/2 tspglucomannan powder
4 tspTruvia
dashNuNaturals Stevia (or equivalent)
1 Tbspdefatted peanut flour(optional)
1 tsppeanut butter(optional)
1/2 tbspChia seeds

1 Put 1 cup water in a small saucepan and bring to a boil.
2 Add ¼ cup oats and a pinch sea salt. Simmer oats for 2 minutes.
3 While oats are simmering put ¾ cup water, ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk, 1
heaping Tbs. extra dark cocoa powder, and ½ tsp. glucomannan in a blender. Blend
for 30 seconds.
4 Take oats off heat and add contents of blender to saucepan.
5 Add 4 tsp. Truvia (and a very tiny dash of Nunaturals if you like it very sweet) and
1 Tbs. defatted peanut flour or ¾-1 tsp. peanut butter. Whisk well.
6 Add ½ Tbs. chia seeds. Whisk again.
7 Pour into a large cereal bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

This is perfect cold out of the fridge in the morning although stir around before eating. You
could reheat if you’d rather eat it warm. If the chocolate peanut butter flavor does not appeal
to you, omit and add cinnamon or vanilla.


Both of the next two recipes are fantastic breakfasts to pull out of the fridge in the morning.
They must be prepared the night before which only takes a few minutes, but all you have to do
the next morning is grab from the fridge and dig in.

They’re good breakfast options for the Fuel Pull days in our One Week Fuel Cycle, Chapter
28, or any time you want to include a Fuel Pull breakfast to do some major damage to clinging
pounds. Or, you could choose to eat them simply because they are delightfully scrumptious.

Don’t eat Cookie Bowl Oatmeal every single morning. It’s delightful if you have a sweet
tooth and you might feel tempted to have it every day for breakfast. Nope. It clocks in at
slightly less than 160 calories. That’s fine to have as your breakfast up to three times per week,
or as a snack any time. However, if you eat it for breakfast every day, your body might think
you are starving it and lower your metabolism. Throw some of our other higher calorie breakfasts into your weekly mix to keep your body’s furnace hot