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AmountMeasurementIngredientDescription (chopped, diced, etc.)
almond milk (unsweetened)
4 tsp
natural granulated sweetener
a pinch
natural granulated sweetener
2 Tbs
cacao powder
a pinch
sea salt
vanilla extract

1 Pour 2 cups unsweetened almond milk into blender.
2 Add 4 rounded tsp. Truvia and an extra pinch of Nunaturals to sweeten further. If
you don’t have Nunaturals, add another 2 tsp. Truvia.
3 Add 2 heaped Tbs. cocoa powder.
4 Add tiny pinch of salt and dash of vanilla.
5 Start blender. While it is running, slowly add 1½ tsp. glucomannan. Blend for a
couple of minutes. Stop blender and let contents rest for half a minute. Restart
blender and whip again until pudding thickens. You will know when the pudding
consistency is achieved when blender begins to make “chug, glug-a-glug” noises.
6 Transfer to bowl or container with lid (like quart sized preserving jar or yogurt
container) and put in refrigerator. Choco Pudding will thicken up further, and in
our opinion, and tastes better chilled. But, if you’re hungry, go ahead and eat some
straight away.

Glucomannan tips: The longer you blend, the thicker your pudding will become. Therefore,
if you want to save money, see how little gluc you can get away with by blending up a storm.
Some find they need only a ½ tsp. to thicken one cup of liquid to pudding consistency. If
you’re frugal, experiment.
If you like a hot pudding, glucomannan thickens even faster with heat. Hence, you could
use even less glucomannan and make the pudding in a saucepan using a whisk and sprinkle in
the gluc from a salt shaker.