How to Make the Most of Your Membership

Whether your goal is to plan a menu that is family friendly, diet friendly, or budget friendly, Build A Menu  ® can make dinner time a breeze and takes the stress out of grocery shopping.


You can Build A Menu  ® in three easy steps:

            Step 1: Choose your store

            Step 2: Choose your recipes

            Step 3: Print your recipes and shopping list


Here are some notes to help you make the most of your experience with Build A Menu  ®.

1.      The cost of each recipe in Step 2 reflects what it would cost you to walk out of the store with the ingredients for just that recipe (minus staples, which are not included in the costs.) If you use half a bag of cheese in one recipe and the other half in another recipe, the cost of each recipe will reflect one bag each. Once you’ve selected all your recipes, our menu builder will combine your choices and your shopping list will show you only need to purchase one bag of cheese, making your total cost lower in Step 3.

2.      You can click on any of the recipes prior to selecting them to see the ingredients used. An easy way to keep your grocery bill down is to make use of ingredients already in your pantry or freezer. If you recently stocked up on a sale product, look for recipes that call for that item and you’ll be able to cross it off your shopping list.



  • How about using breakfast or lunch recipes for dinner every now and then? They are typically less expensive and can be a fun twist on dinner time.
  • Cooking for 1-2 people? Consider using some of the 4-6 recipes. You’ll have enough to freeze for another meal or use for left overs the next day; an easy way to stretch your grocery bill!
  • Ground beef is almost always less expensive to purchase in a three pound chub. Even if your grocery list only calls for one pound, you may want to consider buying a chub and freezing the rest for future recipes.
  • Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts are often less expensive to purchase frozen in a 2-4 pound bag. If your recipe calls for a smaller amount but you often choose chicken recipes, you'll want to go ahead and purchase the larger bag and save the rest for future recipes.
  • Be sure to check the list of staples at the bottom of your grocery list. These are items you most likely have on hand, but you’ll want to check it just in case you’ve run out.

About our Breakfast & Lunch menus:

We know most people have their favorite quick and easy breakfast and lunch standby’s to fall back on most days of the week. We also know that trying new recipes every meal, every day can be stressful and cause culinary burnout! Our goal is to offer families a variety of breakfast and lunch recipes each week that are easy, inexpensive and (for the most part) kid-proven to hit the spot when they’re hungry! Try one, try all, pick and choose as your needs arise, choose a new recipe to enjoy on the weekend...whatever works best for your family’s needs! 


Have you checked out how many menu categories we offer each week? We make family meal planning easy!