How Does Build A Menu ® Work?

Meal planning and grocery shopping can be frustrating.
We work hard each week to make your Build A Menu ® experience as easy as possible!

Watch the video to find out how
Build A Menu  ®can help you
make budget friendly meal
planning fast and easy!

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It's as easy as


Choose your favorite grocery store.


Choose from any of our recipes to build the perfect menu for your family, or add your own!


Print your recipes and organized shopping list and you're done!

Cooking delicious meals and getting your family back to the dinner table couldn’t be easier!

Step 1 Allows you to choose your grocery store.

Step 2 Lets you choose from any of our recipes to build the perfect menu for your family.
Mix and Match from any of our meal plan categories!

Simply click on each of the categories to see this week's recipes and choose as many as you'd like.

Click on "Show Ingredients" to see all ingredients used in any of the recipes listed. This way you can ensure you always choose recipes your family will love!

(Recipes change every week!)

Each of your selections shows up in the blue box on the side of the page, along with the approximate total amount these recipes will cost. Meal planning on a budget doesn't get any easier than this!

This powerful tool is unique to Build A Menu  ® and makes it very easy to plan and stick to your grocery budget!

Step 3 is where we go to work for you!

You can print and view your recipes from this page. You can also use our handy Drag-n-Drop calendar to complete your menu plan!

We’ll build a well organized shopping list, complete with all the ingredients necessary for you to make each of the recipes you selected.

We’ll then put all your recipes and instructions together on one tidy list, ready to print. That's it! Meal planning on a budget, done in about 5 minutes!

It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

No need to search store sales flyers or try to figure out what to feed your family. For only $2 a

week, Build A Menu  ® will do all the work for you saving you time and money!

Ready to Get Started?

What are people saying about BAM?

“Thanks again and it's been fun having all the ingredients I need to make something each night for a week!! If you knew how much I don't like being in the kitchen and how much my husband does the cooking then this is quite an accomplishment. He is thanking BAM big time!“

Sabrina S.

“It didn't take me long to build my menu... I'm very pleased with it so far.”

Rhonda. S.

“I love it! I hate trying to come up with meals and you have things I've never heard of. Love it!”

Jacqueline T.

Sample Recipes

Sample Shopping List