Perfect Peach Desserts

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Summertime is a scrumptious time to create perfect peach desserts using fresh or canned peaches, and right now, my area of the country has fruit stands bursting with this golden fruit.

I lift the heavy box of newly-picked fruit and struggle under the weight as I carry it up the sidewalk to my front door. Warm peaches, round and plump, smelling like the essence of summer. Inside the house the box almost slips out of my hand, and thumps loudly on the kitchen table.

After washing one, and rubbing it dry with a paper towel, I sink my teeth into a perfect, farm-ripened piece of fruit. At the first bite, my eyes slide close and I savor the incredible taste. A perfect balance of tart and sweet. It’s fragrance enhancing the flavor.

Perfect peach desserts

These peaches could easily disappear in less than a week in my house. Most of the members of my family devour two to three peaches in a day, and if I don’t plan, any desserts I want to make using these beauties will be a wistful dream and never become reality.

perfect peach desserts Peach Crisp made with oats and all-purpose gluten-free flour

Peach Crisp

Because of the heat wave we’ve been “enjoying” in our part of the United States, I haven’t baked lately, but Peach Crisp will make a delicious summertime treat and, if I make it early in the morning, it won’t heat up the house too much.

Many people prefer fruit cobblers, but because of the uneasy relationship that wheat flour and I have, I prefer fruit crisp. Although some recipes list all-purpose flour as one of the recipe ingredients, it’s possible to leave it out or use almond flour or gluten-free flour instead. Fresh peaches mixed with a little grated ginger form the bottom layer. Oats, gluten-free flour, brown sugar, and sliced almonds form the crust. Served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, it’s usually a favorite with our guests.

If a fruit crisp isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but a perfect peach dessert sounds amazing right now, Build A Menu has several of these recipes just for you. The majority list canned peaches, but in many of these recipes fresh peaches can easily be substituted to get that full summer flavor. I’ve listed several perfect peach desserts recipes below and subscribing to the Premium Plan allows you to see all of the recipes in our database at any time. As you’re building your menu this week, don’t forget to include a dessert from our Dessert of the Week category.

Have a wonderful week!

Marla and the Build A Menu Gals

Peach Desserts

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