Looking for Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate Spring with Pasta Primavera
How to Feed a Family of 8 on $800 a Month

Do you remember St. Patrick’s Day as a child and the apprehension that overwhelmed you as you realized, after your mother pulled out of the driveway to take you to school, that you weren’t wearing anything remotely green?

Visions of the pinch marks that would ornament your body—“gifts” from overenthusiastic classmates—causes drops of perspiration to form on your forehead.

A frantic visual search of the backseat for something—anything—green produces nothing. Not even a lint-covered, lime lollipop or a forgotten shamrock sticker.

Your mother pulls into the elementary school parking lot. Anxiously you scan the floor of the car once more in desperation and, suddenly, you spot a knotted friendship bracelet under the car seat. It’s turquoise, but at least within the same color family. It may not be exactly verdant, but it might be enough to save you from some of those finger nips.

Looking for Green on St. Patrick’s Day

In honor of surviving St. Patrick’s Day as a child, we’re offering several “green” recipe suggestions from our website. Okay, they may not be all green, but you’ll find a little of that hue peeking out from all of the recipes listed below. In addition, several of them are healthy so–if you’ve adopted a new way of eating–you won’t feel like you’re cheating. We’re also including a link to our Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe, in case you want to celebrate more traditionally.

So come on over to Build A Menu, log into your account, and start planning this week’s menu. And don’t forget to include your St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Not a member yet? You can join for as little as $8 a month with our Classic Plan, or $10 a month with our Premium Plan (allows you to access any of our recipes any time). And you’ll easily save more than that when you start building your menu this month. In addition, your membership will help support an Orphan Care Charity of your choice. An added bonus!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Build A Menu Gals

Green fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables for a green smoothie

St. Patrick’s Day Fare:

  • Poached Eggs Over Sauteed Greens–$5.57 (Breakfast)
  • Super Green Smoothie–$6.81 (Breakfast)
  • Spinach Wrap Quesadillas w/ Ranch Dip–$4.17 (Lunches)
  • Chicken-and-Green Chile Enchiladas–$4.79 (Dinner)
  • Green Pizza–$11.34 (Dinner)
  • One Mean Green Healthy Chicken Salad–$10.59 (Dinner)
  • Corned Beef and Cabbage–$12.19 (Dinner)
  • Green Dinosaur Smoothie–$6.97 (Cooking with Kids)
Celebrate Spring with Pasta Primavera
How to Feed a Family of 8 on $800 a Month

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