Can We Really Get Our Families to Eat Healthy?

Organic vs. Non-organic Produce?
Fruits and Vegetables Fill Half the Plate

getting families to eat healthySometimes getting our families to eat healthy can be such a chore.  I quite frequently hear, “I’m not hungry”, at dinner and then 30 minutes later, “Can I have a cookie?”  How can we get our families to actually get on board with eating healthy?  We’ll be discussing that over the next few blog post.  Today however, I’ll give you a few ideas.

  • Keep healthy foods at hand.  If you want them to eat healthy, then keep healthy foods/snacks on hand.  Fruits, cheese, whole grain crackers.  You get the picture.
  • Set the example.  Have an apple for your own snack instead of reaching for the chips.
  • Talk about the values of good food choices. Let your kids know how healthy foods effect their bodies and what it can help them do.  For example, extra energy for sports activities, growing the bodies stronger, etc.  Also, let them know how unhealthy foods can effect their bodies.
  • Make sure your sitting down to family dinners at night as often as possible.  There’s so much research that shows the benefits of family dinners.  I don’t mean at your local fast food restaurant either.
  • Don’t use food as a reward.  This can lead to emotional eating later in life.  Instead, think of a reward that is physical and fun.  My kids love to go to the park.  They beg to go to the park.  So, that’s a great reward for us.
  • Don’t make kids feel guilty if they do indulge in something not quite so healthy.  We all do it.  No need to feel guilty about the occasional sweet.  The key word of course is occasional and not often.  If we try to ban all sweets/junk food from our families diets, it can end up just making them want it more.  Go ahead and indulge every now and then.  Just don’t make it the norm.
  • Find ways to turn the unhealthy into healthy.  Really need that cookie?  Find a recipe for a “healthy” cookie.  Maybe one that uses applesauce as a sweetener instead of sugar.

It’s all easier said then done.  However, it can be done.  Just keep it up and soon it will be habit for your children to reach for the piece of fruit instead of the chips.

Bon Appetit,

Lisa and The Build A Menu Team

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Organic vs. Non-organic Produce?
Fruits and Vegetables Fill Half the Plate

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