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Thank you so much to Karee and Lisa for having me today!  My blog is called Creative Kid Snacks, and its purpose is to share simple, fun, and healthy snacks and lunches to make for the kids.  I am a big believer that presenting healthy food in a fun and creative way helps kids to take delight in eating the foods they should, and also fosters creativity in them as they come up with new ideas to make together.  Come and pay us a visit and check out some of our favorite snacks.
 Today I’d like to share a rocket ship lunch with you.  I have two little girls who loved this lunch, but it would be perfect for both boys and girls.

To make this lunch, I used the following ingredients:
1 whole grain tortilla
1 baby carrot
4-5 thin slices of cucumber
1-2 tsp miracle whip or mayonaise
2 slices turkey breast
1 grape
yellow pepper (3 tiny slices)
2 tsp cottage cheese
several thin slices of string cheese

Steps to create the “Blast Off” snack:

I chose the above brand of tortilla wraps because, out of all the brands I looked at,  they have the most protein, fiber, and least amount of carbohydrates per tortilla.  My philosophy is to try to give the kids the most nutritional bang for their buck each time they eat, so with that in mind, I selected our wrap material.

First, spread the Miracle Whip or spread of your choice all over the wrap surface.  Next, lay the turkey over top.  Finally, arrange your thinly sliced cucumber in a row near one of the edges.  This will make it easier to wrap up.

Your next step will be to slice the wrap to the shape that will form your rocket ship.  Follow the above instructions, and lay your two halves of the wrap onto the plate as shown.  (You may have to trim a tiny bit of wrap from one of the sides once they are laid onto the plate).

Take a look at how yummy your wrap will be for the kids!

Now it’s time to arrange the other elements on the plate.

For the flames beneath the rocket, slice one baby carrot in half so it will lie flat on the plate.  Slice off the tops of the carrots so that they line up with the flat bottom of the wrap.  Next, ad some small slices of yellow pepper to make the flames look more real.  While you are slicing the yellow pepper, slice a small section for the moon.

Take a small spoon and place the cottage cheese beneath the flames for the smoke trail.

For the stars, slice some white string cheese into little sections.  Take your knife and carve tiny triangles out of them like cutting a slice of a tiny pie.  This process really doesn’t take very long. 

*An alternative that we love to use for stars is spooning a bit of yogurt into a plastic zip bag, slicing a tiny corner off of the bag, and piping little yogurt dots onto the plate for stars.  The kids love it and it looks beautiful on the plate!*  For an example of the yogurt stars, click here to see our Solar System snack.

We hope you enjoy creating this special lunch for your child this week.  I know he or she will be delighted and excited to eat this healthy, fun lunch.  Thanks again to the Build A Menu blog for having me today!

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» Wendy said: { Jan 15, 2013 - 05:01:39 }

Looks like fun!

» Millissa said: { Jan 15, 2013 - 05:01:13 }

What a great idea! Now just to get the kids to enjoy the picture before they gobble it down. :)

» Patti
said: { Jan 16, 2013 - 06:01:35 }

Oh my goodness this is ADORABLE! I have a little guy who would be all over this! I took a look at your website and it is wonderful. Definitely bookmarking and will share!

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