Tabletop Truths Placemat Review & Giveaway!

A few years ago our older children were discussing interesting facts they had learned about presidents. I didn't remember having studied these details in our homeschool so I asked the kids where they had learned them. "From the placemat!" they said. Ahhhh... the placemat!

We had received a handful of laminated placemats about varying topics, so I had set them out for a meal. The children's rapid absorption of data while eating made me realize this was an effective strategy to add to my arsenal of stealth homeschooling techniques! So I began collecting interesting laminated placemats.

Imagine my delight when I first saw the placemats from Tabletop Truths! Adorable, brightly colored, and filled with scripture, these placemats looked like a perfect fit for our six year old son. 



So when the spiritual armor placemat from Tapletop Truths arrived, I handed it right to him. Here, this is for you.

Oooooo! he said as he took it and walked off.

I peered after him to see what he would do. He put it on the table, set his glass down on it, and immediately spilled his smoothie. Ignoring the fruity puddle, he slowly began reading the words. 

I came over with a clean cloth and wiped the smoothie off easily, and with no damage to the placemat. Score one point for Tabletop Truths!



My little guy continued to sound out the words until he had read aloud every single word on the placemat (score two!) Over the next hour he periodically appeared at my side with his new treasure in hand. He sat near me with the placemat on his lap and traced along the wiggly red lines.  At one point he burst out in a deep voice, "Now you see that God is more powerful than any man on earth!" A placemat inspired this? Three points for Tabletop Truths!

I decided it was time for an interview: 

Mama: So, what do you think about the placemat?

Little Guy: I love it!

Mama: Why do you love it?

Little Guy: Because it's about Jesus!

Mama: What does it say about Jesus?

Little Guy: It says that Jesus loves us. It says two verses. AND it has God's  armor. Plus I love soldiers. Plus I love the cross and there are two crosses on here.

This placemat:

          - inspired my child to read on his own

          - inspired awe for God

          - was super easy to clean

          - was so enticing he wanted to look at it even when he wasn't at the table

The placemat was extremely sturdy, and reversible. One side had a soldier with all the parts of the spiritual armor, and the other cheerfully shouted Jesus loves me! There are many design choices available.



As a busy mom who wants her children to learn scripture, I can highly recommend Tabletop Truths' cheerful placemats!

Patti Brown
Build a Menu Team Member

Disclosure: I received one placemat in exchange for my honest review.

Tabletop Truths is graciously giving us two placemats to give away to our readers! One lucky winner will receive a Thanksgiving placemat and another will receive a Christmas placemat. Fun!

Here's how to win: Take a look a their fun line of placemats and tell us which one is your favorite. 

Want to earn TWO extra entries? 
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