Adoption Fundraising Program

WHO:   Families in the process of adopting a child (internationally or domestically).

WHAT: BAM will donate $25 for each new member you refer to us that joins. (Learn more here.)

WHY:   Because that’s why we’re in business…to support orphan care!

HOW:  Sign up as an affiliate and share your link.


It’s as Easy as 1-2-3!

     1.    Sign up as an Affiliate with Build a Menu here.

     2.    Share your personalized link with friends, family, co-workers, church members, etc.

     3.    When they use your link to join BAM, we’ll add 50% of their joining fee to your account.


How will your friends and family benefit by joining Build a Menu?

Our easy to use meal planning service offers a wide variety of recipes every week. It's easy to build a menu that fits your family's tastes and budget! Here's how: We plan our weekly menus to take advantage of what's on sale and then price ingredients so that you'll know before you ever get to the store how much your groceries are going to cost. Choose from any of our Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sides, Snacks, Cooking With Kids, and Dessert of the Week recipes for a complete weekly menu that fits your budget!

One more thing...we also give each family in our adoption fundraising program a free three month membership to Build a Menu. Kind of hard to sell it if you aren't using it as well, right? Consider it one more gift from us to you to help take a little stress out of your life during an already stressful time!

How much can you raise? Enough to cover a part of your dossier? Fingerprinting expenses? Part of your travel? Whatever you set as your goal, we're here to help and will support your fundraising efforts every step of the way!


Ready to Get Started?

Build a Menu CEO's 3 adopted children
BAM Co-Founder, Karee Blunt's, three adopted children.
Elijah (Russia), Sophia (China), Jackson (Russia)


Learn more about the "50/50 Fundraising" program here.

Build a Menu is an online menu planning service that makes meal planning and grocery shopping fast, easy and budget friendly. Not familiar with us? Take a minute to browse our site and see how we can save you time and money, too!