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Free Budget Friendly Menu

We hear it all the time. Families are looking for a way to keep grocery expenses down, but schedules are ...

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Super Simple Snickerdoodles

Not only are these Super Simple Snickerdoodles yummy, but they are, well, super simple.  These can be whipped up with ...

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Free Trim Healthy Mama Friendly Menu Plan

If you've been following (or thinking about following) the THM way of eating, you're going to love this Free Trim ...

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Mini Chocolate Pie Bites

Tiny little desserts you can pop in your mouth? Yes, please! That's exactly what these Mini Chocolate Pie Bites are. ...

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Lucky (Super Easy to Make!) Homemade Ice Cream

I am loving this recipe! Where has it been all my life? Three ingredient homemade ice cream? Yes, please! My ...

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Free Family Friendly Menu and Shopping List

Posted on June 12, 2016 by Karee

We’re celebrating! We’ve reached 50,000 fans on Facebook this week and to show our gratitude we want to give our fans a gift…a Free Family Friendly Menu and Shopping List! We put together a Family Friendly, low cost menu plan that includes 7 dinners, a dessert and two complete shopping lists; one for Walmart and one that you can take to any grocery store if Walmart’s not your thing. The best part? This menu feeds 4-6 people and the average cost of ingredients at most stores is only $70! Here’s what’s on this Free Family Friendly Menu: Dinners: Saucy Baked Chicken Easy Goulash Skillet [&hellip

Cream Cheese Lemon Bars

Posted on June 9, 2016 by Build a Menu

Summer means we crave sweet, fresh, and cool desserts. We like something we can eat easily — and make easily! We love something that can cool us down from the inside out. And that dessert is lemon bars! These cream cheese lemon bars are the perfect treat for you and the kids this summer. While the kids play in the backyard, whip these babies up and surprise everyone with a cool and yummy treat! Try These Lemon Bars Want to learn how to make these? One of the best ways to learn is to watch it be done right in [&hellip

Sausage & Cheese Pancakes

Posted on June 7, 2016 by Build a Menu

Pancakes are one of our all-time favorite breakfast foods. They are filling and delicious, and I love that you can top them with so many different things. Usually, pancakes are topped with sweets like fruit or chocolate or whipped cream. But have you had savory pancakes? Our family loves these sausage and cheese pancakes that look like sandwiches. The kids just eat them up! I love that they are filled with protein thanks to the sausage and eggs. I love knowing I’m feeding my kids a healthy, full-balanced breakfast. You know what I love even more? They’re so easy to make [&hellip

Cafe Rio Chicken

Posted on June 3, 2016 by Build a Menu

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down at a nice, quiet cafe all to yourself or perhaps with your spouse? It would be called Cafe Rio and you’d sit on the patio people-watching and enjoying a flavorful meal. You ordered the Cafe Rio Chicken, and it’s the most flavorful sandwich you’ve ever tasted. You’re relaxed and full and happy. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, now you can bring Cafe Rio to your kitchen! You’ve got to try these shredded chicken sandwiches that have the best flavor. They will take you from a messy kitchen full of loud kids to a [&hellip

Taco in a Pan

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Build a Menu

Mexican food is one of our favorites in my house. I think my family could eat tacos all week long! That’s why I love changing it up by making this taco in a pan recipe. It’s got all the great flavors. My favorite part is it’s all made in one pan, which means less clean up and more time with my family. Another great thing about this recipe is it’s gluten-free, so it’s perfect for the allergy-conscious family. Try this Taco in a Pan Check out this step-by-step video we made to show you exactly how to make this easy [&hellip